Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning All

Love the way this quilt turned out, but the instructions were confusing, seemed to me it could have been written simpler, I was glad when it was over. Do you just have those times when you are really not enjoying the process, that's what happened with this one, I finished it on a get away or it would still probably be unfinished. I quilted it also with a meander all over. Do love it though, it sits at the foot of a guest bed.

Great Game last night Phillies beat the Giants 4-2. I stayed up last night to watch the game, so happy for the Phillies, my boys will be at the game on Saturday, Andy and his girlfriend each have a package so Andy always invites Matt. Sarah his girlfriend loves baseball, her day passed away and she always went to the games with him. I will get to meet her Thanksgiving when I am in Philly. Looking forward to it.

On to my quilt room today after a trip to the store to buy a rug hook and exercise.

Hopefully a drive to the mountains this weekend leaves should be beautiful.

Good Luck Phillies..