Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Quilt Finished

Finally finished the quilt for Baby Morgan due to be born in January. Morgan will be a granddaughter of a good friend Hattie. Hattie gave me Brandon's baby quilt from 1981 and asked me to reproduce one for Morgan.
I am pleased with the way it turned out. The new parents really like it.
It took me some time to come up with something, she left it up to me her only requirement was to have a baby on the quilt and the name.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Better Late than Never

Finally, got those pics of Emma at Halloween. She loves being center stage.

She is prepared with her Darth Vader costume to show me at Thanksgiving.

She took a tumble and got 8 stitches and all she could say was "Grandmom I love.... getting stitches" She is so tough.

Finished MIDDLESEX glad I read it , it was very informative. but not my favorite book.

I am now reading THE FORGOTTON GARDEN, by Kate Morton, I am soooo enjoying it.

Am working on a commission quilt for a friend. she gave me her son's baby quilt which is 30 years old and wanted me to make a quilt that contained parts of that one. I will post next week of my progress.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Gardening

Bruce and I finally finished the area with the adirondack chairs. We planted three azaleas they are the kind that bloom twice a year. Azaleas are so drought resistant and don't need alot of care. The least amount of care is what I want as it is unbearable to garden here in the summer. The masses of white are actually mums. These grow low to the ground , stay green and produce wonderfully. I started with three little plants a few years ago and now I must have four huge mounds. Boy does it save on buying mulch. I have quite a few beds that I have been working on becoming maintenance free, flowers of choice, Cone Flowers, Mums, Day Lilys and my other favorite Lenten Rose which also goes nuts here.
I did all this after the Zumbathon.
Needless to say I didn't do Zumba today but swam instead. I am really committed to getting this extra weight off.
Hope to get a Halloween picture of Emma to post she was Princess Laya
I know I spelled the name wrong, she is so funny, she talks about Cinderella one day and light sabres and dinosaurs the next. Dinosaurs are the most popular thing. I sent her a dinosaur book , made her a pillowcase with dinosaurs and just got some more dinosaur fabric to make a apron or paint smock.
Started Middlesex last night, didn't know what it was about , it was highly recommended. Well I hope I get through this book, the author won a Pulitzer Prize.
SERENA is a definite read.....
On to some quilt stuff....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Latest Read

Just finished SERENA, set in the mountains of North Carolina, a really good read with a set of characters that you will not soon forget..I will start Middlesex tomorrow. Put a few books on hold and don't you know they all came in right away.

Did a 2 hour Zumba-thon for Breast Cancer Awareness. We had a blast..when we were done we about 20 of us went across the parking lot to Bi-lo (supermarket) and went inside the store with the boom box and danced in the produce section. We had so much fun, the manager didn't want to talk about it when it was suggested that we were thinking about doing it. but, ...we decided to do it anyway. Our teacher just became a breast cancer survivor having been diagnosed months ago. Thankfully she is fine now and we love her for the inspiration and love she shows everyone. If you haven't tried doing Zumba find a class, usually the YMCA has them. Great exercise that leaves you smiling.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just finished a great book THE POSTMISTRESS , World War II novel follows Frankie Bard, female reporter in London during the Blitz, I thought a little slow at first but really becomes a good read.

Off to the library today to volunteer and pick up some books on hold. My next read will be MIDDLESEX it was recommended by a librarian.
Another quilt to show you, this one I used oriental fabrics, it was fun to make, I had it quilted by someone with dragonflies allover.
Have been practicing my machine quilting the last few days and boy do I need practice..
My diet is going good down another 3 pounds, I am wearing a Body Media arm band that tracks my movements so I can tell if I am getting enough exercise. I log on the computer and it records all my movements even my sleep patterns. It has been keeping me on track. I log in my daily food.
I am following the Mediterranean (probably spelled wrong) Diet. My new way of life according to the doctor.
Well off to the gym or I won't fit it in before the library.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day on Blue Ridge

Got an early start on Saturday, it was a spectacular day on the Blue Ridge.

We drove to Blowing Rock a beautiful small mountain town, had lunch and walked around. Blowing Rock is a well visited place with shops, too crowded so we quickly headed out to drive the Ridge. We have been there before so I was anxious to see the foliage.

As you can see from my photos it was just past peak, the Blue Ridge has different colors than New England foliage less maples less reds, more oranges and yellow and brown and millions of Rhododendrum bushes the size of buildings.

We have camped along the Ridge many times the last being in a hurricane 2 years ago. We had met the kids for a few days, after one night in pouring rain we switched to the lodge, luckily got rooms since everyone else who was smart left. The deer walk through your camp site and nibble on trees like you are not even there. It was fun for Emma she loves camping she has even done an overnight rustic camping trip with Dad backpacking. She is quite the hiker.

I love being so close to make a day trip when we desire.

Hope you all got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!

We ended the day watching the Phillies lose to the Giants...the Giants are a good team and I wish them well in the World Series....I guess it will be Go Giants!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning All

Love the way this quilt turned out, but the instructions were confusing, seemed to me it could have been written simpler, I was glad when it was over. Do you just have those times when you are really not enjoying the process, that's what happened with this one, I finished it on a get away or it would still probably be unfinished. I quilted it also with a meander all over. Do love it though, it sits at the foot of a guest bed.

Great Game last night Phillies beat the Giants 4-2. I stayed up last night to watch the game, so happy for the Phillies, my boys will be at the game on Saturday, Andy and his girlfriend each have a package so Andy always invites Matt. Sarah his girlfriend loves baseball, her day passed away and she always went to the games with him. I will get to meet her Thanksgiving when I am in Philly. Looking forward to it.

On to my quilt room today after a trip to the store to buy a rug hook and exercise.

Hopefully a drive to the mountains this weekend leaves should be beautiful.

Good Luck Phillies..