Sunday, February 22, 2009

As you can see I have been busy posting some pics. the baby quilt is for my sister's new granddaughter recently born, I have to quilt it. the other two photo's are quilts I have done that are favorites. these next two photos are preprinted crazy quilt fabric that I had in my stash. As you can see I have loved crazy quilts for a long time. as I have had these fabrics in my stash for some time.

A big Thank You to Nancy who helped me edit my blog Name and address. I love CQfor Newbies....Thank you JK and Lesa for getting this group together....joannestitches
I am having fun with this blog so expect to see some more of my work. I am presently doing a Quaker Sampler in crossstitch. I haven't done crossstitch, its just another form of handwork that I love to do.
If I can find those sweaters I have knitted I will post those.
Make a blog, join in the fun of it...


  1. Wow, you're comment box is way different to mine....
    Welcome to the world of blogging. Doesn't that preprinted panel look great!! So the fabric is all one piece, but do you do all the stitching yourself?? Are the motifs preprinted too?

  2. Love that preprinted panel. I can see it highly embellished along the lines of the encrused class you're taking.