Saturday, November 13, 2010

Better Late than Never

Finally, got those pics of Emma at Halloween. She loves being center stage.

She is prepared with her Darth Vader costume to show me at Thanksgiving.

She took a tumble and got 8 stitches and all she could say was "Grandmom I love.... getting stitches" She is so tough.

Finished MIDDLESEX glad I read it , it was very informative. but not my favorite book.

I am now reading THE FORGOTTON GARDEN, by Kate Morton, I am soooo enjoying it.

Am working on a commission quilt for a friend. she gave me her son's baby quilt which is 30 years old and wanted me to make a quilt that contained parts of that one. I will post next week of my progress.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather...


  1. Joanne she is adorable...who does she look like?

  2. she looks like Jennifer, so much, but I see Matt in there too. just got her xmas list, light sabres, costumes, dinosaurs, where are all the doll stuff lol. shes very outgoing. talks to everyone, guess who she gets that from....