Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Gardening

Bruce and I finally finished the area with the adirondack chairs. We planted three azaleas they are the kind that bloom twice a year. Azaleas are so drought resistant and don't need alot of care. The least amount of care is what I want as it is unbearable to garden here in the summer. The masses of white are actually mums. These grow low to the ground , stay green and produce wonderfully. I started with three little plants a few years ago and now I must have four huge mounds. Boy does it save on buying mulch. I have quite a few beds that I have been working on becoming maintenance free, flowers of choice, Cone Flowers, Mums, Day Lilys and my other favorite Lenten Rose which also goes nuts here.
I did all this after the Zumbathon.
Needless to say I didn't do Zumba today but swam instead. I am really committed to getting this extra weight off.
Hope to get a Halloween picture of Emma to post she was Princess Laya
I know I spelled the name wrong, she is so funny, she talks about Cinderella one day and light sabres and dinosaurs the next. Dinosaurs are the most popular thing. I sent her a dinosaur book , made her a pillowcase with dinosaurs and just got some more dinosaur fabric to make a apron or paint smock.
Started Middlesex last night, didn't know what it was about , it was highly recommended. Well I hope I get through this book, the author won a Pulitzer Prize.
SERENA is a definite read.....
On to some quilt stuff....

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